Swiss Grade TAG Heuer Introduces the Autavia Jack Heuer Limited Edition Japanese Movement Replica

TAG Heuer Autavia Jack Heuer Limited Edition 6

It might be no accident that TAG Heuer designed the hyperlink to be so polarizing. While the previous generation Link wasn’t as visually assertive, it was also less controversial (and perhaps not an awesome vendor). Under the leadership of Jean-Claude Biver, TAG Heuer has been able to approach different customer demographics on a range of arenas — each in a comparatively loud manner, which is what performs well now. Consumers are given tremendous alternatives in regards to luxury watches nowadays, so there’s logic in the idea that the loudest brands win.The 2017 TAG Heuer Link is a brave and non-conservative version from the brand, although in a time when it must be. It does everything folks expect from a Swiss watch, but also delivers unseasonably powerful character from a watch meant for formal occasions — though you could easily rock the Connect with shorts. The bracelet isn’t just interesting to look at, but also incredibly comfortable. The total absence of sharp edges sees to this, as well as the fluid sense of these hyperlinks on your skin as you wear it. Some of my favourite details are at the butterfly-style deployant clasp, which can be thick and nicely polished just like the rest of the bracelet. The grip is also hidden, which provides the under-side of this bracelet an extremely elegant compact look to it.

In celebration of Jack Heuer’s 85th birthday, TAG Heuer has put together a limited edition Autavia, based on the Heuer 02 “Rindt” remake unveiled earlier in the year. Designed by Jack Heuer himself, the birthday edition is limited to 1932 watches, a reference to his birth year.

While Jack Heuer’s name is on the door so to speak, the Heuer family no longer owns a stake in its namesake firm, and instead Jack Heuer serves as a spiritual ambassador for the watchmaker. When he went to work at Heuer, however, the family still owned the company, and it was then that the Autavia chronograph first hit the market.

TAG Heuer Autavia Jack Heuer Limited Edition 6

In fact, the Autavia was the first watch introduced by Jack Heuer when he joined Ed. Heuer & Cie. in 1962, some 29 years after the Autavia name made its debut as a dashboard timer for automobiles. While Carrera and Monaco models may have their adherents and associations with motor-racing, it was the Autavia that was most often worn by Formula One drivers in the two decades after its launch.

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The Autavia not only preceded its siblings in the Heuer line-up, but also outlasted them, remaining in the catalogue until Heuer was purchased by TAG in 1985. More recently, first-generation Autavias have been steadily rising in value, perhaps going even higher at the thematic Heuer auction later this month, to which TAG Heuer has donated the first example, numbered “1/1932”, of the new Autavia Jack Heuer.

TAG Heuer Autavia Jack Heuer Limited Edition 4

Like other historical remake watches, the Jack Heuer edition hasn’t escaped the tweaks and twiddles necessary for millennial appeal. The case is identical to that on the standard model, having been bulked up by 3mm compared to the vintage original, making it 42mm, and also fitted with a wider and thicker bezel. And like many contemporary watches, it has a date at six o’clock.

TAG Heuer Autavia Jack Heuer Limited Edition 10

What sets the Autavia Jack Heuer apart from the standard model is the classic “panda” dial, with black counters against a silver sunray-brushed dial. And the watch is also rid of the faux vintage lume found on the Autavia “Rindt” remake, which actually heightens its appeal, since nothing seems forced or artificial. And the Jack Heuer model also features a bidirectional hour and minute scale bezel – an element drawn from third-generation Autavias – as opposed to the 12-hour scale found in the stock model.

TAG Heuer_Autavia_JackHeuer limited edition

The Jack Heuer Limited Edition is powered by the same in-house cal. Heuer 02, an automatic column wheel chronograph movement with a vertical clutch and an 80-hour power reserve. While the “Rindt” edition had an exhibition caseback, the Jack Heuer version features a solid one engraved with Mr Heuer’s signature as well as his family crest.

The watch is fitted with a “beads of rice” bracelet that’s modelled on the vintage bracelets made by Gay Freres found on 1960s Autavias.

TAG Heuer Autavia Jack Heuer Limited Edition

Price and availability 

The Autavia Jack Heuer (ref. CBE 2111.BA0687) is priced at US$5900 or S$8100. That’s less than 10% over the regular version of the Autavia.