Replica Rado DiaMaster Grande Seconde White Dial Steel Watch

Rado replica watches distinctive DiaMaster Grande Seconde has received the prestigious 2015 Good Design award, further expanding the watch company’s impressive collection of award-winning timepieces. The Replica Rado DiaMaster Grande Seconde is a classic gentleman’s timepiece with a twist: The fake rado diamaster grande seconde  dial displays two overlapping sub-dials, one for hours and minutes, and the other for seconds. The show-stopping 43 mm dial fastens to the wrist with a plush embossed calf leather bracelet.

But it’s not just good looks that make the DiaMaster Grande Seconde so remarkable. The unique timepiece is also a stage where Rado’s mastery of materials takes the spotlight. The case of the DiaMaster Grande Seconde is engineered from plasma high-tech ceramic, a signature Rado material that was also pioneered by the company.

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In Rado’s plasma process, finished white ceramic components are placed in a plasma furnace, where gases activated at 20,000°C trigger a molecular reaction that gives the piece a unique metallic luster. With this process, Rado is able to offer metallic-looking cheap replica watches uk with all the comfort of high-tech ceramic. Scratch-resistant, light and hypoallergenic, the benefits of high-tech ceramic remain unaffected by the plasma transformation. The DiaMaster Grande Seconde’s eye-catching plasma case encircles its large unconventional dial, making this timepiece, as well as its wearer, stand out.

The 2015 Good Design award is the fourth design award fake rado diamaster grande seconde watch watches has won recently, following on the heels of Rado’s three-time award winner from 2014, the HyperChrome Ceramic Touch Dual Timer.