Red Gold Richard Mille RM 017 Tourbillon Extra Plate Swiss Replica Watch

Richard Mille RM 017 Tourbillon Extra Plate

Typifying the brand’s interest in constantly exploring new technical and aesthetic territory, the Red Gold Richard Mille RM 017 Tourbillon Extra Plate Swiss Replica Watch makes its entry into the horological world with an immediate declaration of its unique personality which allies lifestyle with watch making of the highest order. This highly complex piece has achieved the remarkable feat of combining the technical sophistication of a Richard Mille tourbillion movement with an ultra modern design, all enclosed in a case of a mere 8.7mm total thickness. Allying functionality with comfort and elegance, the RM 017 tourbillon associates the best of Swiss watch making tradition with innovative and novel solutions, both in the choice of materials and the overall design of the watch.Richard Mille is offering an extra flat watch, the RM 017 tourbillon, with a manual wind in an extra flat rectangular case with modern elegant lines.

Richard Mille RM 017 Tourbillon Extra Plate

Each part has been carefully created so that it meets Richard Mille RM 017 Tourbillon Replica Watch  requirements in terms of rigidity, reliability and precision. The ceramic endstone for the tourbillon cage is another technical response to the phenomena of wear and the result of an in-depth study of friction and its effect on the longevity of the components. That’s why the movement plate is made out of grade 2 titanium with a black PVD coating, thus providing the assembly great rigidity and an excellent flatness of surface, essential for the perfect functioning of the gear train.Nothing has been left to chance in the design of the RM 017 tourbillon.

The strap, a perfect fit for the wrist, offers at the same time proportions that are innovative and perfectly balanced, without disturbing the lines in any way.The RM 017 tourbillon manages to associate an architectural design with total ergonomy and comfort.

A theme that is dear to the brand, all of whose Richard Mille RM 017 Replica Watch, even the most complicated, can adapt to use in extreme conditions. The case alone is evidence of the attention paid to the smallest detail in the manufacture of its three main components, bezel, case middle and back. The RM 017 tourbillon case is evidence of Richard Mille’s overall approach in which movement and case are developed together in total consistency, in order to ensure rigidity and optimal performance.The marked technical character is set off by a hand polished finish. Each unpolished case involves 202 separate machining operations.

The Richard Mille Replica Watch makes use once again of the function selector developed by Richard Mille based on a car’s gearbox.Always in search of optimal reliability, the RM 017 tourbillon introduces a barrel pawl with progressive recoil, a system which avoids overtightening of the spring when winding and which removes any risk of knocking the escapement. The selected mode – winding, neutral or handsetting – is displayed by a needle situated at 4 o’clock.