Ulysse Nardin – Ulysse Nardin Classic – A powerful inspiration Replica Watches Buyers Guide

Through the years, Ulysse Nardin has, with the help of Ludwig Oechslin, developed a reputation for making movements that offer rare or intricate complications but with amazingly few additional elements. While Ludwig Oechslin takes this idea of minimalism and simplification to an extreme with his very own brand Ochs Und Junior, his fingerprints are all over the mechanics of the watch as well.The caliber UN-113 automated movement has only 7 extra parts over its date and time just movement cousin. An average annual calendar motion usually requires an additional 30+ parts. This is quite a mechanical achievement when you think about those numbers. The main motivation behind making movements and complications easier is to make them more accessible to more collectors (fewer components equals lower prices and lower prices) and to ensure durability and reliability as the fewer parts existing, the less a thing can go wrong.The caliber UN-113 provides 60 hours of power reserve while beating at 28,800bph. Each motion is COSC-certified and has a silicon escapement for enhanced timekeeping. The motion is, of course, visible via a display back. Another useful feature of the motion is that the date can be corrected both forward and backwards. Annual calendars and perpetual calendars that can’t correct the date backward using the crown alone can be quite annoying in usage if you typically fly (or sail) round the world a whole lot.

Like a wave perpetually seeking the shore, Ulysse Nadin continually seeks innovation: creating, developing and manufacturing astonishing timepieces that reinvent the notion of the mechanical watch.