Steel Case Tag Heuer Grand Carrera Pendulum Replica Watch

Tag Heuer Grand Carrera Pendulum

The Steel Case Tag Heuer Grand Carrera Pendulum Replica Watch is actually the exposed winder has such a cool movement and you have to know a few things about what a tourbillon is and looks like to know what’s what.Weight is good, bracelet is the same as on the other Grand Carreras have and the see-through back case exposes a Japanese manual winding movement that looks really cool. Check out some more photos and let me know how you like this piece.

Tag Heuer Grand Carrera Pendulum

Behind all this I could not be happier with an all stainless steel big dial Tag Heuer that looks pretty damn good.I did aim for a Tag Heuer Grand Carrera Pendulum Replica Watch of this exact model but could not find it yet so I went for the better quality again. I’m pretty sure there will be some identical clones in the future but being not a very popular model yet it seems that they don’t go the extra mile to make it bulletproof.

If I wouldn’t have known better (and very few do anyways) I would take this one for an original or at least a very good fake because the quality is there.Small seconds hand between 4 and 6 o’clock and most important the tourbillon imitation between 7 and 9 o’clock which looks so cool.

I’m starting this Tag Heuer Grand Carrera Replica Watch with an emphasize on the price of this original piece because I think that after you decide which is your ultimate replica watch you’ll have to know the price of the genuine piece and see how that fits in the overall image you want to project. You should know as many details about your watch as you can because this alone increases your chances of getting some of the best if not the best replica watch you can for your money and because Tag Heuer replica watches are very popular, here we are.

I always like bigger watches and that’s probably why I felt for this one as well. Original comes only on a black case with a black rubber band but this exact model is very popular in the Tag replica watches world because a lot of websites have it.This is a good size (good meaning large) replica Tag Heuer watch. Quality differs of course but you’ll find this full stainless steel black dial fake Tag in a lot of places so a good eye for comparison will help.