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Montres joaillières Dans leur tour d’ivoire

In addition to the higher frequency and boost power reserve, the 1208P is completed to an entirely new level for its Altiplano collection. The bevelled bridges have been adorned with C?tes de Genève, along with also the mainplate is circular-grained. Steel parts are satin-brushed and screws are blued, whereas the wheels are round sunray-brushed. Looking at the back of this Altiplano 43mm is actually something special, and the artistry and elegance of this caliber is nothing short of unique. Watch for yourself below.Does regardless of that the Altiplano is the thinnest automatic watch together with the thinnest automatic motion on the planet? Not really, unless you’re one for pub room or board room antics. What does matter is that the Altiplano 43 provides on every level that it needs to and then some. You have an supremely elegant dress watch to be worn in the most formal of occassions. You have a tremendously beautiful quality decorated to the finest of details. That is 1 side of equation.What you also have with this Altiplano which you simply don’t possess with many any of its competitiors from the ultra-thin class, is you actually have a versatile, wearable watch that won’t be relegated into the safe on the weekends or when you’re not attending formal events. This view is an daily watch that just happens to be the thinnest automatic on the planet, and it’s great.

It’s the spirit of the age. The belles of the ball in all their finery have become more discreet and less numerous. High jewellery watches are not the stars of SIHH 2018. Nevertheless, for enthusiasts of exceptional watches, these extremely limited series, some of them one-of-a-kind pieces, continue to cast a spell, standing as they do at the crossroads of high jewellery and watchmaking, sometimes with a little haute horlogerie thrown in. So they are still around, and still as inaccessible as ever. Inaccessible in terms of price, of course, but also in how they are presented. It’s out of the question to actually hold one in your hands, ungloved hands still less.

Often, there might be only one, or two at the most, in the world. That’s not enough to satisfy every request, every avid eye, every curious mind. So there they stay, behind the glass, waiting for a client to ask for a closer look. Then, and only then, will the reinforced glass cage be opened.

Luckily, WorldTempus was there to observe these otherworldly creatures in their natural habitat. Often incrusted with precious gems, and fashioned from white or rose gold, they are showcases in and of themselves. Showcases of the brands that create them, of the creativity of the craftsmen and women who bring them to life, and of a still thriving heritage. However rare they may have become, these pieces bear witness to an inventiveness that continues unabated.

They use the strength of simple shapes, like the Cosmos Secret by Van Cleef & Arpels. They encase the arm and clasp it in a tight metallic embrace, like the Sunny Side of Life cuffs by Piaget. They may extrapolate a brand’s aesthetic codes, like the Cartier Panthère Hypnose Pendant, or represent elegantly simply geometrical abstractions, like the Kilkti by Hermès, or Cartier’s Cobra Haute Joaillerie.

Montres joaillières Dans leur tour d’ivoire

Cartier Panthère Hypnose Pendant © David Chokron/Worldtempus

Sometimes, they illustrate a complete story, a poetic sketch encapsulated in a diminutive frame of white gold and pure carbon, adorned with sapphires and garnets, like the Van Cleef & Arpels Lady Arpels Jour Féerique. In every case, through their meticulous execution, they truly shine, both literally and figuratively.

In their ivory tower

Van Cleef & Arpels Lady Arpels Jour Féerique © David Chokron/Worldtempus