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Sous le soleil

The Piaget Watches Price In India Replica woman

Wherever she goes, the Piaget woman embraces the energy of the sun and the liberating joy that comes from cheerful, sun-filled moments. To reconnect with herself, one of her destinations of choice is the magical island of Ibiza where her life becomes a vibrant party that she prolongs on her own terms, under the warm and inviting rays of the sun.

In a new campaign shot by famed fashion photographers Mert & Marcus, model Doutzen Kroes incarnates the Piaget Watches Amazon Replica woman. Beautiful, luminous and feminine, she is the heroine of a sun-drenched adventure, captured revelling in the beauty of the Balearic island. Her audacious personality is expressed through her unique style, as she wears radiant Piaget watch and jewellery creations that embody her life philosophy: to always walk on the Sunny Side of Life.

Sous le soleil

The Piaget women, incarnated by top model Doutzen Kroes © Piaget

Known for their powerful images and their intense colourful photography, Mert & Marcus have turned this philosophy into a seductive invitation to experience the Piaget art-de-vivre. Starring alongside radiant and charismatic Piaget creations, the free-spirited Doutzen Kroes is seen basking in the sunshine of Ibiza. Through the lens of the dynamic photographic duo, this new campaign is a celebration of life lived to the fullest under the sun in one of the most unforgettable places in the world and called: Piaget Paradisiac.

The new Altiplano is incredibly thin – that the world’s thinnest automatic in fact. The watch itself is 5.25mm thick, although the incredible 1208P caliber is simply 2.35mm thick. Sized at 43mm, the Altiplano is your biggest ultra-thin watch in the world, and one that overlooks a new street. The idea of wide but thin is something we’re beginning to see more of in the industry and one that until recently, was not something viewed as marketable. If a watch was to be thin, it should be small. If it were to be broad in diameter, then it should be thick. Piaget Watches In Dubai Replica has always been ultra-thin watches of a medium size, but the 43mm Altiplano pushes matters further.When I fulfilled with Audemars Piguet chief artistic officer Octavio Garcia at the Summer of 2010, six months later Piaget had declared this quite watch, he mentioned this notion as something that we would be visiting a great deal of in the long term from AP, along with others. While he did not mention that the Altiplano specifically, it’s obvious that this watch caught the interest of designers the world over due to SIHH 2011, we saw could more watches in this vein, even although none executed to the level.The notion of the modern ultra-thin watch is constructed supporting the premise that they are worn to elegant affairs, with, at minimum, a nice suit and tie, and at max, a tuxedo. The ultra-thin watch is discrete and imperial, and quite simply not appropriate for everyday wear. Generally, I would say that statement is true. With this Piaget, nevertheless, I’d argue they have assembled one of the most versatile ultra-thins ever created, and one which functions just as well with jeans and a sweater walking around NYC as it will work with a suit and tie on the way to the office.

Shot on location at Casa Kaya in Ibiza, a campaign film captures the spirit of the life in this paradisiac universe, following a playful and blissful Doutzen and her companion Jason Morgan from morning to night, as they enjoy a poolside moment, sun-kissed gardens overlooking the ocean cliffs, and a night of fun on terrace party. They are part of the Piaget Watches 1960s Replica Society, a group of pleasure-seekers that share a common love of beauty. Together, they will let themselves be seduced by a life punctuated by radiant moments in this captivating island paradise.

About Mert and Marcus

Mert Alas, born in Turkey, and Marcus Piggott, born in Wales, met in 1994, at a party on a pier in Hastings, England. The pair rapidly discovered they had plenty in common, not least a love of fashion. Three years later, the duo now known as Mert and Marcus had moved into a derelict loft in East London, converted it into a studio, and had their first collaborative photographic work published in Dazed & Confused. Over the years, the unique vision of this creative duo has defined and redefined standards for glamor, fashion, and luxury. Mert and Marcus have shaped the global image of many renowned brands as well as public figures including Lady Gaga, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Linda Evangelista, Gisele Bündchen, Björk, Angelina Jolie, and Rihanna. Their photographs encompass a wide range of styles and influences but are renowned particularly for their use of digitized augmentation of images, and a fascination for strong, confident female subjects.



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