Glashütte Original, Opening of the new Vienna Boutique Replica Watches Young Professional


Event report on the Glashuette Original Boutique Opening

Glashütte Original (Glashuette) kindly invited us to witness the opening of their new boutique in Vienna, Austria. As well while the, mostly German speaking, press was present they took the opportunity to introduce two new models in their caliber 36 Senator Excellence series.


Two New Glashuette Original Models

The day started off with the introduction of the two new watch models, while the opening of the boutique was planned in the evening of the program. The weather was exactly what one can expect in the second half of October in Austria, not very inspiring. The venue where the two new watch models were revealed made pretty much up for that though.


Awesome View and a Warm Welcome

The top floor of the Vienna ‘Hochhaus’ in the Herrenstrasse looks almost like a lighthouse. Windows almost all around and a view which could give a seagull fear of heights. The amount of light entering here made us forget the sad dullness down in the streets. It’s perfect for showing attractive new watch models.

After a short period of sipping a welcome drink, enjoying the views, mingling, and meeting the attendees, Glashuette welcomed us all. Followed by a presentation and explaining of the four key pillars of the Glashuette’s Senator Excellence series. Precision, running time, stability and beauty.


Panorama Date and Panorama Date with Moon Phases

Besides the time only models of the Senator Excellence as introduced during Baselworld earlier this year, Glashuette now added models with a Panorama Date, and with a Panorama Date in combination with a Moon Phase indication. We will discuss these models in a hands-on review with adequate pictures later.




Glashuette Original Workshops

Following the general introduction of these two new models, and after a short break, there were two consecutive workshops. Each of which highlighted hands-on the practical meaning of Glashuette’s mentioned four key pillars.




Certification Process

Interesting as well is the attention Glashuette Original pays to the certification of each individual watch. Every watch is accompanied by a certificate which includes, except the compiled test accuracy values, a QR code providing exclusive access to the calibre 36 secure on-line portal. On this website one can follow every step a watch travelled in it’s 24-days testing process. Beautifully displayed and interesting to explore. And more important, all this information is about your own watch!



A light lunch, which gave possibility as well for entertaining discussions about what was just learned, ended this part of the event.


Official Opening of the Glashuette Original Boutique

After time to refresh and a change of wardrobe, the official opening of Glashuette Original’s Vienna boutique was next on the program. After a welcome reception, including appreciated drinks and seafood in front of the boutique at the Kohlmarkt 4, there was the official ribbon cutting. The actual cutting was carried out by Helmut Saller (Swatch Group country manager), Thomas Meier and Andreas Zechner (Glashuette brand manager for Austria and Switzerland).


New Glashuette Original CEO Thomas Meier

As additional information we would like to mention that Mr. Thomas Meier will be Glashuette Original’s new CEO. He will take over this position of Yann Gamard by the end of the year. Thomas Meier has been working within the Swatch Group for many years and he even was working for Glashuette Original some years ago already.




Open Space and Attention For Details

The new boutique was nothing less than we expected from Glashuette, beautifully decorated, stylish and informative. With open space to stroll and drool around, as well as an intimate corner to discuss important things. Certainly the ceiling and the doorknob required special attention, as well as a huge magnifier to inspect the movements.




Wiener Schnitzel

To lead the event to an pleasant ending all guest were invited to a concert of the Gustav Mahler Ensemble, conducted by Alexei Kornienko. A little stroll brought us from the Kohlmarkt to the Michaeler Platz where specially for this occasion, and for the first time ever, a nice and cosy festival tent was erected. Again accompanied by good food and nice drinks we enjoyed some good classical music. A privately enjoyed Wiener Schnitzel ended the day for us.



Make sure not to miss our detailed hands-on report on the two newly introduced Glashuette caliber 36 Senator Excellence models, you’ll find it soon here at Fratello Watches.

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