Best Quality IWC Big Pilot Replica Watch 5004-02

IWC Big Pilot’s Watch

It also explains why fans of Best Quality IWC Big Pilot Replica Watch are also often fans of Panerai. The white gold case (46.2 mm, seriously justifying the ‘Big’ in ‘Big Pilot’) is warm and heavy, and when taken in tandem with the white gold hour markers (the watch has both applied indices and Arabic numerals) gives the whole thing a distinctly up-market feel. And the ‘ardoise’ dial has to be seen in person to be believed. The same hefty dimensions and leather-and-metal aesthetic inform PAMs as well as Big Pilots, and both have a background in true military tool watches. The IWC Big Pilot II, for example, was created specifically for the RAF, and lasted in active service for over 30 years.

IWC Big Pilot’s Watch

Back in the early 2000s, IWC released a white gold version of its IWC Big Pilot Replica Watch: reference 5004-02. On first glance, the IWC Big Pilot 5004-02 is a big grey face augmented with a power reserve (3 o’clock) and date window (6 o’clock). But when you put it on your wrist, and get it into the light, the interplay of shades and textures on that ardoise dial transforms it into a thing of depth and beauty. Add the bright reflections and deep shadows that ripple across the perfectly-finished case, and you’ve got a pilot’s watch that is also a spectacular daily piece.

The crocodile strap, in black, is pierced close to the lugs with twin metal studs. It’s a nice touch, which recalls the military function of the piece without detracting from its sophisticated feel.

Ardoise is IWC’s name for ‘slate’—though slate is not a word that does justice to the colour. Shimmering, many layered, yet matte and flat, it’s the perfect complement to a watch that has little in the way of adornment. The IWC Big Pilot 5004-02 is a masterclass in materials.

Skeptical IWC fans, who wanted to know why they should pay premium prices for a luxury watch that can also be bought in stainless steel (and which is essentially a tool watch, inasmuch as it’s meant to be worn by pilots), ate their words when they saw the 5004-02 in person. Because this wasn’t just any white gold IWC Replica Watch. It was an IWC. And IWC doesn’t do standard finishing.